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Cup Half Full Ceramics

Meet Me In The Bathroom II

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handmade, wheel thrown with gold details. not microwave or dishwasher safe. 
from my hands to yours xx 


Inch by inch, I ease myself in, the heat sending shocks through my feet, then ankles and knees. My hips release underwater and I breathe deep as my back braves the cold porcelain. This is where I remember you best — Where I see me, beside the tub, and you, body content below the surface. When you were in the bath, everything stopped, and so I waited, reveling in the sacred pause before the inevitable cooling of water, the last stroke of your razor, the final rinse of your hair, then the chiming currents cascading as you stood up to step out. You’d lift the matted towel off its hook and I’d observe each droplet streaming to your satin ankle skin, take comfort in the glug of the drain, and trust that satisfaction could always be this simple.